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Marketplace control you can believe in.
Simultaneous Pricing and Broadcasting allows you to apply the same strategy to all your assets. We integrate with your Primary and you control which Secondary Marketplaces to send your inventory.
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Pricing is rocket science. So we let our rocket scientists handle it. 🔭
Our AI-driven pricing models are built by a world-class team of data scientists with advanced mathematics degrees. They’ve built a machine that only gets more accurate over time, so you don’t have to. We can train the model based on your historical data or build one from the 10MM+ data points we've already collected.
Your business, your strategy. We just automate it. 🤖
Instantaneous dynamic pricing requires instantaneous control. Our software offers robust settings for you to create pricing rules down to the section and row — customized per-event. You can even invite your marketing team to create on-the-fly promotions, discounts, or other pricing rules for the Primary.
Automation tools so you can focus on the results. 🛠
With automated Throttling and Rebalancing, you can choose how many tickets you want on which marketplace. Keep your best-performing tickets on the Primary or rebalance to the Secondary if there's an opportunity to maximize revenue.